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I.L.T.S. qualifications

Federal program for construction of Federal Centers of High Medical Technologies, 2007-present time

Services rendered to the prime contractor for the second stage of the project and to the main equipment – Supplier Company:

  • customer support and legal consulting on tax, customs, trade/civil and administrative law matters;
  • analysis of dispute situations, extrajudicial resolution of disputes with administrative bodies and subcontractor organizations in course of project implementation.

Modernization of the Customs Transit System for the Russian Federation (the EU’s TACIS Program for Russia), 2008-2009

Services rendered to "Atos Origin Belgium SA" (Prime Contractor Belgium):

  • assisting international experts in preparation of a GAP Analysis of the Key Business Processes focusing on the compatibility between Russian Transit System and Common Transit Convention (CTC);
  • auditing of the GAP Analysis text regarding the correctness of Russian norms used by international experts; determination of key Russian norms, which are important for consideration of issues of compatibility; analysis of the described business processes;
  • assisting the FCS in development of drafts of legal and regulatory acts which will be in compliance with CTC provisions.

Russian Customs Development Project
Customs Information System Modernization Project, 2005-2008

In the framework of the program developed by the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of the Russian Federation and the World Bank with three main target areas in view: institutional development, customs operations and information technologies and infrastructure of Russian Customs System, I.L.T.S. acting as a member of the international experts teams rendered the following services:

  • consulting on the accession of the Russian Federation to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and revised the Kyoto Convention;
  • recommendations on harmonization of by-laws (i.e. customs regulations) of the State Customs Committee (SCC) and the Federal Customs Service (FCS) and other agencies with the new customs legislation, including comparative analysis of inconsistencies found between the new customs code and other legal acts relevant to customs activities;
  • streamlining and design of new customs clearance and control procedures;
  • supervision of customs activities monitoring and administrative consideration of appeals process.

Joint Investment Project of the Russian Milk Factory "Ostankinsky Molochnyj Combinat" and New Zealand Milk Company (NZMP), New Zealand, 2003

In the framework of the project I.L.T.S. provided complex customer support and legal consultant services to NZMP on business activity and importation by its Russian daughter company of technological equipment as an increase of its charter capital.

Reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, 2000-2002

Within the framework of the Federal program for reconstruction of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia I.L.T.S. and its partners rendered entire range of services to the prime contractor - "Waagner-Biro Stagetechnik AG" (Austria), which encompassed:

  • preparation of relevant contracts and agreements between the prime contractor and Russian subcontractor companies, supervision of prime contractors and subcontractors activities in course of project implementation;
  • comprehensive customer support and legal services regarding tax obligations of the prime contractors company in Russia, ensuring comprehensive procedure of customs clearance of the imported equipment and customs payments, extrajudicial resolution of matters in dispute etc.

Blue Stream Project, 2000-2001

Services rendered to "Saipem S.p.A." (Prime Contractor Italy) in the framework of the "Blue Stream" project - the international project on construction of gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey, I.L.T.S encompassed:

  • assisting in development and implementation of appropriate schemes of actions and guidelines for prompt customs clearance of the goods belonging to the prime contractor;
  • developing and ensuring implementation of uniform customs clearance procedures for the goods delivered by suppliers under the prime contractor at all various points of entry;
  • ensuring an effective post-implementation control to confirm that the exemption from customs duties and taxes, including VAT granted by the intergovernmental agreement on the Blue Stream Project were being obtained.

Business Processes Improvement of Tyson Foods Inc. in Russia, 1997-1998

Services rendered to the "CIS Food Products Company", (an affiliate of Tyson Food Inc. - USA) in the framework of the project:

  • complex analysis of the companys business planning and process management, efficiency of the import of goods and domestic sales, funds management, supply chain routes, marketing and advertising;
  • recommendations on improvement of business performance, as well as on consolidated company and foreign trade activities management including optimization of customs clearance procedures.

Import of Telecommunication Equipment, 1994-1997

Comprehensive customer support and legal consulting provided by I.L.T.S. in course of execution of two mobile telecommunication projects the essence of which was organization of import to Russia of telecommunication equipment by "Vympelcom" (Russian telecommunication company known under "BeeLine" trademark) and the American owned company "Teleport" included:

  • development and implementation of appropriate from the point of view of the then legislation schemes of actions and guidelines for prompt customs clearance of the goods imported in the framework of the projects as contribution in-kind with the purpose to increase chapter capital;
  • ensuring joint action of I.L.T.S. and Russian Customs, fiscal and currency control bodies, which allowed importation of the delivered goods to be promptly executed under the terms of periodic declaration, advised and applied by I.L.T.S. and secured implementation of customs control and clearance procedures for the imported equipment.

Yelabuzhsky Automobile Plant, 1996

Customer support and legal consulting provided by I.L.T.S for Russian co-founder of the Russian-American joint venture company Yelabuzhsky Automobile Plant (the American partner of the joint venture - "GMC") included:

  • development of guidelines for prompt customs clearance of imported equipment and assembly parts, focused on speeding up the customs clearance procedure;
  • assisting corresponding administrative bodies in development of a number of draft documents providing for execution of the developed procedures: Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation and a number of the State Customs Committee (SCC) by-law (normative) acts.

Poklonnaya Gora Memorial Project, 1994

Customer support and legal consulting rendered by I.L.T.S. - assistance to administration of Moscow City Government in facilitating the delivery of the goods for the construction of the Poklonnaya Gora Memorial in Moscow.