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Facilitation of Foreign Trade and Investments

1. Advisory services to Russian and foreign companies, that plan to organize new or develop existing business in Russia; to set up representations, subsidiaries or daughter companies; to make direct investments into modernization of Russian economy.

2. Comprehensive complex advisory and integrated legal support services of foreign trade transactions including:

  • preparation of pre-contractual documents, participating in negotiations, preparation of draft foreign trade agreements and contracts to suit specific legal relationships of trading partners,
  • optimization of customs fees and application of benefits provided by the legislation in force (application of reduced customs duty rates, as well as reduced VAT rates to specific products, such as technological equipment, the analogues of which are not produced in the Russian Federation,
  • advisory and legal support on issues of classification of goods for customs purposes (preliminary assessment of goods classification, assistance in preparation and submission of documents to the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia for the classification of goods, legal support of the submitted documents till obtaining customs body decision on the classification of goods, etc.),
  • consultations on issues of customs valuation at the stage of preparing a foreign trade contract, in the process of customs clearance and in case of customs value adjustment by the customs authorities,
  • advising on measures of tariff and non-tariff regulations.

Complex legal assistance on every day business activity

1. Consultations on matters of civil, tax, customs, administrative, financial and foreign currency law/regulations with regard to client's business activity, including:

  • preliminary study of investment projects – due diligence, identification of legal, administrative, situational etc. risks and the like factors, that may have negative impact on business of a legal entity, preparation of draft documents, securing compliance of entity's changing relationships with partners, customers, administrative bodies and executive authorities with currently effective legislation;
  • registration, amalgamation, merger, liquidation of companies; business disputes, preparation and examination of contracts and agreements.

2. Working out of company's internal documents, such as regulations on the General meeting, regulations on the Board of Directors and its committee; regulations on the collegial executive body and the General Director; regulations on Corporate Secretary; regulations on significant corporate events; regulations on information disclosure and information policy, etc. (Corporate Governance).

3. Consulting in regard of taxation matters and issues including:

  • current legislation on taxes and duties, rights and obligations of tax payers, tax agents; official acts on interpretation of tax legislation; Russian courts (civil, arbitration, constitutional) decisions on tax issues; rules of international agreements on avoidance of double taxation, development of recommendations for the elimination of double taxation;
  • legal entity's tax obligations' compliance with norms of legislation on taxes and duties, tax implications of agreements/contracts concluded by a tax payer;
  • tax consequences for companies and non-commercial organizations proceeding from their current activities (Tax diagnostics);
  • tax planning,  calculation and timely transfer of tax payments, grounds and use of tax incentives, including tax deductions for VAT and excise duties, reimbursement of foreign VAT.